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Every day, thousands of new websites appear in the global network. Their owners and developers are full of hopes and aspirations, they must have already built big plans for the future. But only a few are destined to achieve the desired. If you reached this page, you are surely one of those luckies. Here and now we will share the exclusive secret of success.

We'll tell you  how to develop a website, which, apart from being eye-pleasing, will attract visitors, meet the ever-changing requirements of search engines. A website which will easily cope with  growing crowds of competitors, and, truth be told, constantly and consistently bring you passive income.

Every website, like a ship, starts with its Captain

In real life, it is captain who takes responsibility not only for everything happening on the ship and reaching a port without any loss, but also controls discipline, allocates responsibilities among team members and solves all arising problems. They create a "frame", software solutions that provide resource efficiency, allow it to "stay afloat"; they are responsible for its look. Only experienced developer can lead your resource to success, and an unqualified team can become your future ship's capitan which, as a nursery rhyme goes, sank "fifteen times" and "died of sharks." Don’t you believe the site can "go down»?

Wrong you are. The bottom can be called remote page issues or AGS filters, under which the template website with content copied from a successful resource will inevitably fall . And the role will play your competitors who are constantly "on the heels". What we offer is to consult trusted and skilled masters instead of taking risks. What does it mean?

If you order a website in «Webcapitan» studio,
you can expect the following:

  • Your project will be developed by people who have extensive experience in developing a wide variety of web-resources. Our professionals have 5-year's experience in this sphere, they are constantly monitoring the level of their skills and improving them attending workshops, conferences and trainings.

  • The originality and high quality of the work. For a website developing we use the latest technologies that will meet the customer's wishes: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, PERL, YII Framework, CodeIgniter, PYROCMS, Open Cart and many others.

  • Working with our studio you will have  strict terms and agreements, workable attractive site with excellent usability, ready to move up and  to inquire.

  • Bonuses and discounts.Bonus for everybody: after ordering site every customer gets a free hosting. Discount for urgency: if you do not need a website for "yesterday" and you're ready to safely and successfully work on it, so you can have  a discount of 10%. As a thank that  our designer does not have to develop the layout of the site at night, and programmers do not spend an extra coffee to stimulate the brain in a strict deadline. This does not mean that we can not afford the urgent projects,.The team «Webcapitan» is able to fulfill all your wishes.

Do you have a project?

Write to us and we will help make it a reality.