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GladiatorBoost is an enhanced, premium-quality gaming boosting service developed by Webcapitan to boost online gamers’ accounts in such MMOs (Massively multiplayer online Video Games) as World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, Elder Scrolls Online, and Diablo IV.

With the help of GladiatorBoost, gamers can enjoy a wide range of game-boosting services, including unique in-game rewards and full-fledged gaming experience provided by their boosters for the most well-known MMOs.

Here, you get high-level gear, prestigious titles and achievements developed by highly qualified players who know your gaming needs and desires.

GladiatorBoost offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and a money-back option! With this gaming boosting service, you are destined to win!

About the Client

Our client is a passionate MMOs player from the United Kingdom with an exceptional gaming vision and a deep understanding of gamers’ needs and the issues they face trying to boost their gaming accounts. Having long-term gaming experience and specific wordpress development requirements, our client presented a challenging task aimed at helping other gamers to succeed in the gaming environment. Since our web development agency specialists play games themselves, they know the specifics of the gaming world well. As a result of our cooperation and sincere commitment to the gaming world, a unique web design has been offered.

About the Project

GladiatorBoost is a brand-new gaming boosting service aimed at boosting online gamers’ accounts in such MMOs (Massively multiplayer online Video Games) as World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, Elder Scrolls Online, and Diablo IV. Its priority is a gamer’s desire to win, which is why a wide range of boosters can be used for the gaming account to make one’s character highly competitive in MMOs

About the Features

  • World of Warcraft boosting: GladiatorBoost is designed to boost players’ characters to high levels and enhance gaming activities by obtaining rare items and enriching gamers’ experience. With the boosters available, players can enjoy more exciting gameplay.
  • Destiny 2 boosting: GladiatorBoost offers a unique opportunity for gamers to complete raids, get the necessary artifacts, and level up. The boosters provided can significantly enhance players’ characters, offering new opportunities.
  • Elder Scrolls Online boosting: GladiatorBoost can help true gamers explore and complete dungeons, acquire sets and reach the highest Champion Point level. With the boosters, more features become available for enthusiasts trying to top the gaming world.
  • Diablo IV boosting: GladiatorBoost is a gaming boosting service to speed up players’ gaming process by a much quicker level up and completion of challenges. Thus, gamers can be sure of their capability to overcome various obstacles and destroy the Prime Evils, causing so many troubles to others. 

GladiatorBoost proves that passion for games and thirst for in-game superiority can yield great results and help players improve their gaming account and status, thus distinguishing their characters among millions of others and highlighting their might.

Since the gaming world is limitless, we will continue web development for the United Kingdom and other countries. We will not stop exploring it and presenting new ideas powered by effective wordpress development tools. Therefore, our web development agency is working on innovative ideas and completing specific clients’ challenges to offer even more boosters and in-game features for other players to enjoy popular MMOs and succeed in virtual worlds.


  • UI/UX Design

    UI/UX Design. A great combination of aesthetically and high-functionally attractive user-centric custom web design offering a range of options for web developers to present websites that meet the most sophisticated users’ needs.

  • Figma

    Figma. A first-class interface development tool for real-time UI/UX design. With its help, developers can prototype, iterate, and share interactive designs via its cloud-based platform accessed from mobile and tablet devices.

  • HTML 5

    HTML 5. A globally used web markup language that offers eye-striking cross-platform optimization and enhanced interaction due to its high responsiveness, essential in web development.

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript. An essential, all-purpose programming language for most web development projects that provides real-time interactions and dynamic content updates for clients to enjoy rich functionality in the digital environment.

  • PHP

    PHP. A popular server-side scripting language that allows the creation of blogs and highly functional e-commerce platforms. PHP enables web developers to easily integrate databases and adapt their products to the client’s needs.

  • Wordpress

    Wordpress. One of the most powerful, user-friendly web development system to manage content quickly and efficiently making web publishing even more convenient by offering numerous plugins for various websites.

  • WooCommerce

    WooCommerce. A high-end e-commerce plugin for WordPress designed for online storefront development with a diversity of customizable features, scalability and extensions for companies to enhance their online business activity.

  • Gulp

    Gulp. A flawless task runner and automation tool for web development enhancement used to ensure high-level project maintenance since it can perform repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, and image optimization.

  • Agile Development

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    SLACK. A powerful communication hub designed for teams dealing with diverse projects and tasks requiring real-time messaging, file sharing and integration with various tools. With its help, remote and on-site teams can improve efficiency and collaboration.

  • Webpack

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  • Worksection

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Requirement Analysis

It’s a starting point of the project development process involving close communication with the client to define essential needs, objectives, and website functions. The level of knowledge of the client’s expectations allows for meeting the most sophisticated requirements.
Requirement Analysis


This stage of the project development deals with forming a clear vision of the project realisation and the website construction, including structure, pages, and technology stack that will ensure high performance and adaptability.


This stage involves all the creativity and craftsmanship of the web development team to conceptualise and realise the client’s ideas and requirements, introducing exceptional visualisation for enhanced user interface and experience.


This stage marks the transition from conceptualisation to code realisation of the website functionality to ensure its smooth operation and flawless user interface and experience for further testing.


At this stage, the web developers thoroughly test the website to define whether its realisation corresponds to the client’s initial requirements to ensure sure-fire performance and reliability before introducing it to the users.

Maintenance & Updates

There is no final stage of web development; once the project is realised, it requires persistent maintenance and updates to be innovative and modern. Not only its content can be updated, but also the latest technologies used to meet present-day goals and requirements such as security and adaptability issues.
Maintenance & Updates

Keston Phull

GB Founder GladiatorBoost
Keston Phull

I do like the GladiatorBoost and the professionalism of the entire Webcapitan team since our cooperation result is impressive. As an enthusiastic MMOs gamer with decades of experience, I wanted to get most of the features possible to offer other players to enjoy their gameplay. As a demanding client, I tried the gaming boosting service to ensure that the web development agency specialists considered my wishes and implemented them in the project. I am delighted with the result. Thank you, guys, for the boosters. We’ll continue developing the project further.

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