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AltaBrio (App StoreGoogle Play) is a smart application redesigned by Webcapitan’s app designers for customized triathlon training. Based on an in-depth analysis of the project’s goals and mission and the client’s requirements, our app design team has breathed new life into the old application, taking into account the latest trends and technologies in this area to offer the most efficient software for daily use. We have solved the problem of enhancing branding and visual identity, and user experience due to the unique UI/UX design, thus introducing a captivating application available both on the App Store and Google Play.

About the Client

Brian contacted us to redesign the old app. An experienced athlete and triathlon trainer from the USA, he has years of experience preparing individual triathlon training, racing, learning plans, and daily activities based on the user’s needs, skills, recovery, races, and energy. After analyzing Webcapitan’s extensive portfolio, Brian chose our app design team to completely revise the conceptual component of the old design and offer a usable, user-friendly and easy-to-navigate app design for customized triathlon training that captivates the target audience and conveys the app’s goals and mission.

About the Project

Triathlon is a popular kind of sport included in the Olympic games that attracts not only pros but also amateurs who take part in triathlon coaching and training. According to the latest statistics, there are about 3 million US triathletes and even more ordinary people who are fond of triathlon worldwide. So, it seems evident that most of them are concerned about using the app that helps them track their activities and form individual training plans based on their personal experience data. Fortunately, there is a solution.

AltaBrio (App StoreGoogle Play) is an innovative, high-end solution in triathlon training that considers the individual data of the user to offer predictive triathlon coaching and training sessions.

In AltaBrio, the predictions are delivered to the user’s personal training calendar and are automotive, so the app eliminates unnecessary PDFs, downloads, etc., that overload the user’s gadget with useless data. The app design offered by Webcapitan’s app design team perfectly meets the user’s needs when it comes to intuitive user experience and usability.

There are few apps for customized triathlon training on the App Store and Google Play, and AltaBrio is one of a kind that stands out among rivals and reaches out to the target audience due to its specific features and unique UI/UX design, attracting users worldwide.

So let’s check all the features available 👇.

About the Features

  • UI/UX design: The essential feature of the AltaBrio app is its user interface (UI) and user experience (UE), which offer easy-to-navigate software appealing to the target audience. Thanks to the unique UI/UX design based on the client’s requirements and the app’s tasks, our app design team has introduced an eye-striking and captivating solution for customized triathlon training. Its intuitive navigation simplifies the app’s usage and meets the users’ expectations.
  • Responsive app: One of the critical features of the AltaBrio project is well-crafted responsiveness. Given the rapid growth of devices with different screens, there is a need to adjust the application to their requirements. This aspect was taken into account by our designers when developing the app design for this project. Responsive app design is a must-have in software designing, as it influences usability and flawless navigation, ensuring user experience and satisfying their expectations.
  • Predictive technologies: This is not a hard app but a smart one. This means that the project’s development includes using the latest predictive technologies to collect an excessive amount of personal user data dealing with daily activities to offer the most reliable and effective individual coaching and training sessions. Each session adjusts to empower users to meet their training and racing goals. As a result, they get a comprehensive data analysis of their needs, skills, recovery, races, and energy to participate in the triathlon.
  • App Store & Google Play: The given app is available on the most popular app stores: App Store and Google Play that allows its downloading from the key platforms and use on Android and Apple devices. Users can be sure that even by switching to other devices, they can quickly restore their personal accounts and continue their triathlon training, racing, and learning. No time will be wasted, and no data will surely be lost.

Wrapping up, AltaBrio is a smart app for daily use, going far beyond simple software collecting user’s personal data. Surely not. It’s a buddy who walks with users through a proven process of form, strength, and training sessions used by the pros. The app is an objective training, racing and learning prediction service based on data collection of the user’s needs, skills, recovery, races, and energy. Our app designers aimed to rebuild the app the way it captivates and thrills users to share their daily activities and strive for better results with AltaBrio since we all love training and appreciate the app’s goals and mission.


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Requirement Analysis


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Brian Bozarth

US Director
Brian Bozarth

Feeling a strong necessity to update our brand’s identity, we have searched for a company to rebuild our app design to make it visually attractive and more appealing to the audience. At last, we got in contact with Webcapitan and examined their portfolio. We are glad to have entrusted AltaBrio to these guys since they proved to represent fantastic designers with an eye for details. Each element of the app has been thoroughly studied and upgraded to enhance the branding and visual identity of AltaBrio and offer an incredible user experience.

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