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Website for licensed private investigators in Texas

Red Door Investigations is a new project of the Webcapitan web development team and an advanced application of wordpress theme for private investigator. By incorporating many top-notch stacks and a unique web design, the project serves as a network of licensed private investigators. Thanks to a UI/UX design for private investigator, Red Door Investigations presents a series of services, including general surveillance, domestic investigation, and mobile notary. Moreover, the project is designed for those engaged in digital forensics and background or pre-employment screening.

So, the Red Door Investigations project is the first Webcapitan wordpress design for private investigator that is characterized by advanced functionality, flawlessness and usability. Here, everything is done to allow private investigators to share their professional skills and knowledge with clients worldwide.

About the Client

Our client comes from the USA and has a psychological specialization. Holding a PhD in psychology and spending most of his life in the academy, he deeply desired a change. As a result, he decided that he wanted to pursue a profession in private investigation and have not looked back. Therefore, he contacted the Webcapitan web development team to entrust one of the most sophisticated tasks, but a socially important one.

Red Door Investigations is not just a project but a reflection of our client’s inner strength and desire to help people looking for answers and security. This is what is needed now when digital forensics issues are as relevant as ever. Consequently, the web development for the USA has been conducted.

About the Project

The Red Door Investigations project originates from the US private investigation firm Red Door Investigations located in Fort Worth, Texas specializing in surveillance for a wide range of applications, including infidelity, insurance fraud, and child custody investigations. The unique wordpress theme for private investigator allows the opportunity to display the company’s services to the clients, book appointments, accept form submissions from the public, and post blog posts. Moreover, the users of the wordpress website can get a free consultation from the list of services of the company, which is a good incentive to start a working relationship. Being started in 2020, the Red Door Investigations project is constantly supported to meet the present-day challenges and provide the most relevant information.

About the Features

  • Data Security & Protection: Safety and security are prioritized. This is what guided us in developing the Red Door Investigations project because it is a priority for the client and his company. While developing the wordpress design for private investigator, we took into account all possible vulnerabilities so that users could have confidence in the security of personal information and data transferred. The Webcapitan web development team has applied the most recent solutions in this field to ensure the protection of each user.
  • Responsiveness: For ease of WordPress website use on different platforms and browsers, we have implemented responsive web design, which allows users to have a full understanding of the Red Door Investigations’ services.
  • Blog: One of the significant advantages of the Red Door Investigations project implemented by the Webcapitan WordPress developers is the presence of a specialized blog, which constantly publishes articles related to general surveillance, domestic investigation, mobile notary, digital forensics, and background or pre-employment screening. With the help of this private investigator WordPress theme, it is possible to find the necessary information for general familiarization at any time in order to expand their knowledge in these matters. In addition, the data is constantly updated to consider the latest news in general surveillance, domestic investigation, mobile notary, digital forensics, and background or pre-employment screening.
  • WordPress theme: The project employs the unique wordpress theme for private investigator that has been specifically adjusted to meet the client’s needs. Based on the project’s purpose, the Webcapitan web development team has managed to implement the most relevant and innovative ideas to provide premium quality UI/UX design to highlight the company’s essential services.

This is not a complete list of features of the Red Door Investigations project, but it gives a comprehensive view of our collaboration and its unique web design outcomes. For instance, the FAQ section contains the most relevant questions for interested WordPress website visitors that will guide them through the methods for solving their problems. The mobile notary service significantly saves time for users and speeds up the solution to their issues and needs. Also, given that the company’s services are licensed, all their actions are entirely legal and much more effective than the services of state-owned companies. The speed and quality of service delivery is the main goal of the company.

By boosting numerous features, the project resulted in a stylish and functional wordpress website of the network of licensed private investigators containing all the required sections, including services and FAQ. Free consultations with the company’s private investigators are also included.


  • Wordpress

    Wordpress. One of the most powerful, user-friendly web development system to manage content quickly and efficiently making web publishing even more convenient by offering numerous plugins for various websites.



This stage involves all the creativity and craftsmanship of the web development team to conceptualise and realise the client’s ideas and requirements, introducing exceptional visualisation for enhanced user interface and experience.


This stage marks the transition from conceptualisation to code realisation of the website functionality to ensure its smooth operation and flawless user interface and experience for further testing.

Shaun Culwell

US Owner
Shaun Culwell

This is our first cooperation with Webcapitan, but a successful one. We opened for business in March 2020 and contracted with Webcapitan to build our website. The choice was very easy, as their previous work demonstrated their commitment to unique web design and ease of use for our clients. The Webcapitan web design team has done their best to dive into the specifics of private investigation activities and offered a unique wordpress theme for private investigator. Webcapitan stands by their product and have continued to support the website many years after completion of the project (oftentimes for no charge), offering a level of service and personalization that is all too rare in service-based industries today. Nothing is to be added except our congregations on excellent web design for private investigator, appreciated by us and our clients. We’ll surely get back to you later with new tasks.

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