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Emporioepos is the UI/UX design project redesigned by Webcapitan’s web development company for the provider of the EPOS system in the UK. This is an innovative redesign of the existing website for EPOS providers that offers numerous benefits for retail shops or small and medium-sized businesses, such as easy inventory management, eCommerce integration, loyalty apps, and rewards for your customers. The project aims to introduce installation services of the latest EPOS systems and their in-store maintenance, as well as describe opportunities for partnership in this area. Also, further support is available if needed and is being provided by certified experts. Moreover, the Help Centre and Downloads sections contain all the necessary information and even more that can be useful for non-techies or pros.

About the Client

Our client is one of the Retail Management Hero (RMH) certified team of highly qualified specialists in EPOS software. Being great enthusiasts in this area, they founded Emporio UK Ltd in 2006 to assist others in various EPOS software issues, including installation, maintenance, partnership and further support, since the EPOS system is constantly updated to offer the most relevant and reliable solutions for small and medium-sized retailers.

Since Emporio UK Ltd is concerned about providing premium class services to integrate and adapt to individual retailer’s needs and sharing the important information on the EPOS system UK, they contacted us to redesign their website to enhance its branding and visual identity and offer unique UI/UX design to attract more clients with affordable, flexible and clear-cut solutions and boost their online brand awareness. Our cooperation resulted in the eye-striking Emporioepos project here.

About the Project

Emporioepos is the project where our specialists were tasked to redesign the existing website for the provider of the EPOS software providers for the UK retail market. The essential requirement for this redesign was a complete rethinking of the concept to offer users a UI/UX design product with improved user experience for intuitive navigation and search for necessary information.

While redesigning the Emporioepos project, our specialists used Worksection, a powerful cloud-based platform for task management, time tracking and team cooperation. You can read more about this project management solution here.

And, of course, our designers can only do with Figma, which offers almost limitless opportunities to design, align, and build matters. This platform is used by all pros, including Webcapitan’s web designers, who set themselves the task of developing high-quality and unique design projects that meet the most refined requirements of customers and appeal to the target audience to enhance branding and visual identity. You can read more about this design and prototyping solution here.

About the Features

  • UI/UX design: UI/UX design is a crucial feature of the given project, offering easy and intuitive navigation for a better user experience. Every element of the design is carefully considered, taking into account the requirements of both our client and users of the website.
  • Responsive web design: Considering the growing number of devices with different screens, responsiveness is one of the key requirements for Emporioepos. This project is characterized by thoughtful, responsive web design for users’ convenience.
  • WordPress: The redesign of the existing website presupposes a conceptual review, which is why our designers chose WordPress, as it is an accessible website-building platform with a wide range of features and capabilities. Its simplicity and efficiency make it one of the most popular CMS in the world, according to the latest statistics.
  • Online chat: The given project offers real-time chat supported by Jivo chat. This is an effective communicative tool that offers live chatting that allows any user to contact Emporio UK Ltd specialists to consult on various issues dealing with EPOS software installation and maintenance. In case of partnership and related issues, there is always a consultant to enter the online conversation.
  • Help Centre & Downloads: One of the noteworthy advantages of this project is the presence of two important sections: Help Centre and Downloads. They contain many articles and files available for download, namely easy-to-follow guides, wizards, content and support documents to help each client with one’s own EPOS software installation. That is why customers can easily and quickly find the information they need at any time and place, and if necessary, they can ask for help, and a dedicated EPOS Launch Specialist will be assigned. A network of certified experts across the UK is available for EPOS system in-store installation.

Why did we choose WordPress for EPOS providers?

At Webcapitan, our WordPress developers prefer using unique, innovative approaches to the website design. One such solution is the employment of WordPress due to the vast range of opportunities it offers both for the web designers and for clients. Moreover, it allows the choice of numerous themes and plugins to make the website user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. That is why we have chosen WordPress for EPOS providers, and the result is awe-inspiring. Here, everything is well-thought-out: improved functionality, increased interactivity and flawless responsiveness. All this and much more makes this project as much adapted to user experience as possible to provide a high-quality, client-centred product.


  • UI/UX Design

    UI/UX Design. A great combination of aesthetically and high-functionally attractive user-centric custom web design offering a range of options for web developers to present websites that meet the most sophisticated users’ needs.

  • Wordpress

    Wordpress. One of the most powerful, user-friendly web development system to manage content quickly and efficiently making web publishing even more convenient by offering numerous plugins for various websites.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Responsive Web Design. An excellent solution for view experience optimization to allow fluid website adaptation across various screen sizes and devices. Perfect content integrity is ensured thanks to employing flexible grids, images, and media queries.

  • PHP

    PHP. A popular server-side scripting language that allows the creation of blogs and highly functional e-commerce platforms. PHP enables web developers to easily integrate databases and adapt their products to the client’s needs.


    SLACK. A powerful communication hub designed for teams dealing with diverse projects and tasks requiring real-time messaging, file sharing and integration with various tools. With its help, remote and on-site teams can improve efficiency and collaboration.

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript. An essential, all-purpose programming language for most web development projects that provides real-time interactions and dynamic content updates for clients to enjoy rich functionality in the digital environment.

  • HTML 5

    HTML 5. A globally used web markup language that offers eye-striking cross-platform optimization and enhanced interaction due to its high responsiveness, essential in web development.

  • Figma

    Figma. A first-class interface development tool for real-time UI/UX design. With its help, developers can prototype, iterate, and share interactive designs via its cloud-based platform accessed from mobile and tablet devices.

  • Agile Development

    Agile Development. A dynamic web development tool for collaboration, adaptability and customer feedback. Its main advantage is project management simplicity and high responsiveness.


Requirement Analysis

It’s a starting point of the project development process involving close communication with the client to define essential needs, objectives, and website functions. The level of knowledge of the client’s expectations allows for meeting the most sophisticated requirements.
Requirement Analysis


This stage of the project development deals with forming a clear vision of the project realisation and the website construction, including structure, pages, and technology stack that will ensure high performance and adaptability.


This stage involves all the creativity and craftsmanship of the web development team to conceptualise and realise the client’s ideas and requirements, introducing exceptional visualisation for enhanced user interface and experience.


This stage marks the transition from conceptualisation to code realisation of the website functionality to ensure its smooth operation and flawless user interface and experience for further testing.


At this stage, the web developers thoroughly test the website to define whether its realisation corresponds to the client’s initial requirements to ensure sure-fire performance and reliability before introducing it to the users.


Now, it’s time for the developers to introduce the website to the users, which requires transitioning to a live server. At this stage, the developers have to select hosting, set up domains and finalise configurations to ensure the successful public launch of the project.

Maintenance & Updates

There is no final stage of web development; once the project is realised, it requires persistent maintenance and updates to be innovative and modern. Not only its content can be updated, but also the latest technologies used to meet present-day goals and requirements such as security and adaptability issues.
Maintenance & Updates

Martin Farrin

GB Managing Director
Martin Farrin

Having initially undertaken our website in-house, we chose to work with Webcapitan’s web development company to produce a more visually appealing and modern look of the website. In addition, we became the exclusive distributor for RMH in the UK and needed to rebrand our website to promote this new existing chapter in our business. Webcapitan were the perfect partner in designing and proving ideas to produce our new website with unique UI/UX design and also offered assistance with hosting and SEO. Based on our successful collaboration, we will surely continue working further on the website’s updates in order to adhere to the latest innovations in the UK retail market.

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