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Sunday Red Golf is one of the first but not the last projects of the web development company Webcapitan dedicated to the sport. It complements our portfolio of web development for the United Kingdom and represents one of golf websites for clubs. This project combines all the best tools and tech stacks available nowadays. Here, the UI/UX design supported by the WordPress custom theme is perfectly blended, considering all the requirements of a modern golf player or lover.

About the Client

Our client is one of the UK forerunners of the online golf community for the average golfer. He is a true lover of the game who wants to share the idea that was once sparked by a lack of such online services. It has resulted in our successful cooperation since we understood his needs and wanted to provide him with dedicated web design services, namely WordPress website with responsive web design. As you can see here, the outcomes are impressive at Webcapitan.

About the Project

Sunday Red Golf is a tremendous online golf community for golfers and golf lovers who want to be aware of golf equipment reviews, golf guides, special offers, competitions, and giveaways. Over a few years, the project has brought thousands of golfers together in an online community, providing in-person meet-ups, significant golf events, competitions, and more. So, Sunday Red Golf is an exquisite blend of user interaction and experience within one WordPress website.

About the Features

  • WordPress theme for golf club: One of the most successful solutions for the golf web design is the use of a WordPress theme, which greatly facilitates the registration of users and their interaction within the platform. Thanks to the colorful and multifunctional theme, we realized both an online golf community and the Special Offers section with the necessary features. So, if you ask why we chose WordPress, you just need to go to the Sunday Red Golf website to answer this question yourself. At Webcapitan, we give an advantage not only to custom WordPress theme, but also to ready-made CMS. In this case, everything depends on the client’s preferences and the desired result.
  • Responsive web design: Responsiveness is something that no website can do without, so in this case, we have applied this approach so that the golfers and golf lovers could, at any time and on any device, open the online golf community and get all the necessary information, as well as find, select or purchase any product or course. Thanks to the effective adaptability, the responsive web design allows you to dive into the world of golf without any inconvenience on your phone or tablet.
  • Genuine search: The user-centered search is based on a unique filtration tool that lets you quickly find the necessary information at Sunday Red Golf. The various parameters allow for finding the needed articles, maps, items, courses, etc., within seconds.
  • User reviews: The community members can leave reviews of the courses they have played, thus sharing their experience with others who are concerned about broadening their golf skills and knowledge.
  • UI/UX design: At Webcapitan, we are primarily concerned with user-friendliness. Taking into account the target audience of the Sunday Red Golf project and the requirements specified by the client, we have developed and implemented a unique UI/UX design based on the latest innovations in the field of web design. As a result, we are glad to offer exquisite energy-driving UI/UX design, which catches you at a glance.
  • Updates: The Sunday Red Golf project blog is constantly updated to provide the latest news to golfers and golf lovers who want to know about upcoming events. Moreover, the courses for golfers and golf lovers are also included, so it is easy to learn more about this kind of sport and improve their golf knowledge and skills.

Given the above, it may be noted that the Sunday Red Golf website is an exciting project and best website for used golf clubs, the implementation of which has brought Webcapitan web development company only pleasure. We hope that you will appreciate our work, and we will be happy to provide custom WordPress theme development services for your project.


  • UI/UX Design

    UI/UX Design. A great combination of aesthetically and high-functionally attractive user-centric custom web design offering a range of options for web developers to present websites that meet the most sophisticated users’ needs.

  • Wordpress

    Wordpress. One of the most powerful, user-friendly web development system to manage content quickly and efficiently making web publishing even more convenient by offering numerous plugins for various websites.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Responsive Web Design. An excellent solution for view experience optimization to allow fluid website adaptation across various screen sizes and devices. Perfect content integrity is ensured thanks to employing flexible grids, images, and media queries.


    SLACK. A powerful communication hub designed for teams dealing with diverse projects and tasks requiring real-time messaging, file sharing and integration with various tools. With its help, remote and on-site teams can improve efficiency and collaboration.

  • Worksection

    Worksection. A multifunctional project management platform to enhance team collaboration, task delegation, and progress tracking, accompanied by striking timeline visualization and strict deadline adherence check.

  • PHP

    PHP. A popular server-side scripting language that allows the creation of blogs and highly functional e-commerce platforms. PHP enables web developers to easily integrate databases and adapt their products to the client’s needs.

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript. An essential, all-purpose programming language for most web development projects that provides real-time interactions and dynamic content updates for clients to enjoy rich functionality in the digital environment.

  • Figma

    Figma. A first-class interface development tool for real-time UI/UX design. With its help, developers can prototype, iterate, and share interactive designs via its cloud-based platform accessed from mobile and tablet devices.

  • Agile Development

    Agile Development. A dynamic web development tool for collaboration, adaptability and customer feedback. Its main advantage is project management simplicity and high responsiveness.

  • Git

    Git. An effective version control system for tracking code changes in web development that improves collaboration and allows for parallel development when working on a specific project.

  • HTML 5

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  • Gulp

    Gulp. A flawless task runner and automation tool for web development enhancement used to ensure high-level project maintenance since it can perform repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, and image optimization.

  • Webpack

    Webpack. A top-notch module bundler for JavaScript, CSS, and images that speeds up website load, making the entire web development process much easier so developers can effectively set tasks when bundling files together.


Requirement Analysis

It’s a starting point of the project development process involving close communication with the client to define essential needs, objectives, and website functions. The level of knowledge of the client’s expectations allows for meeting the most sophisticated requirements.
Requirement Analysis


This stage of the project development deals with forming a clear vision of the project realisation and the website construction, including structure, pages, and technology stack that will ensure high performance and adaptability.


This stage involves all the creativity and craftsmanship of the web development team to conceptualise and realise the client’s ideas and requirements, introducing exceptional visualisation for enhanced user interface and experience.


This stage marks the transition from conceptualisation to code realisation of the website functionality to ensure its smooth operation and flawless user interface and experience for further testing.


Now, it’s time for the developers to introduce the website to the users, which requires transitioning to a live server. At this stage, the developers have to select hosting, set up domains and finalise configurations to ensure the successful public launch of the project.


At this stage, the web developers thoroughly test the website to define whether its realisation corresponds to the client’s initial requirements to ensure sure-fire performance and reliability before introducing it to the users.

Maintenance & Updates

There is no final stage of web development; once the project is realised, it requires persistent maintenance and updates to be innovative and modern. Not only its content can be updated, but also the latest technologies used to meet present-day goals and requirements such as security and adaptability issues.
Maintenance & Updates

Chris Wright

GB Chief Hacker
Chris Wright

The idea behind the site was to provide a place for our members to get access to great offers, sign up for any events we have, and for them to be able to leave reviews on the golf courses they have played. We also provide great content, from best buyer guides, equipment reviews, tips for beginner golfers, and more. Webcapitan web development company behind Sunday Red Golf prove to be a reliable and professional partner using top-notch tech stacks and unique UI/UX design for WordPress development. Moreover, they have put together a great site and have been incredibly helpful and supportive in getting the site to work as we want, solving various issues quickly and effectively. We will continue cooperating with Webcapitan web development company to become a source of information for golfers worldwide and maintain the website functionality.

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