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Website design is a priority service provided by the Webcapitan web design team to create a new project or breathe life into an old one to enhance its functionality, attractiveness and visual identity.

At Webcapitan, clients often ask how to create unique web design that will attract users and promote branding and visual identity. This is mainly due to a lack of website design skills, knowledge of features, and modern trends in this field. Often, they simply do not understand what the starting point of a website design project is, but we know that.

What is Meant by Website Designing

Web designing deals with the entire process of creating website pages. It means that the Webcapitan web design team starts with getting to know the client, their ideas and vision of the outcomes. The preferences are also considered since the complete understanding of the requirements and results ensures the fate of the website design project. This is a priority task of the Webcapitan web designers when creating unique web design. It all starts here.

Price of Website Design

The price of website design is the cost of creating website pages. At Webcapitan, our clients know that the cost of a website design depends on the following aspects:

  1. quality of website design;
  2. number of elements;
  3. the complexity of elements per page;
  4. time for website design realization.

In addition, to calculate the website designing price of a specific project, Webcapitan web designers have to do the following:

  1. to analyze the websites of your competitors;
  2. to know your preferences that are not necessarily from your niche;
  3. to know the structure of pages and the entire website.

The above-mentioned underlies the Webcapitan web design team’s understanding of the client’s vision, goals and interests for creating a unique and successful website design project and an eye-striking product that will take a priority position in the modern digital world.

How Long Does It Take to Design a Website?

At Webcapitan, we are concerned about web design projects’ quick and highly qualitative realization. However, duration of a website design project realization depends on the following:

  1. quality of website design;
  2. number of elements;
  3. the complexity of elements per page.

Regardless of these aspects of website design, the Webcapitan web design team always provides high-end, premium quality and unique results focused on branding and visual identity to ensure brand competitiveness and awareness.

Why Do You Need Professional Website Design Services by Webcapitan?

Your website design project is the road to success and profitability since the online presence of your business ensures branding and visual identity, which are crucial revenue drivers. With Webcapitan web design services, you will get the following:

  1. custom web design;
  2. responsive web design;
  3. optimization for search engine optimization (SEO);
  4. optimization for conversion rate optimization (SRO);
  5. UI/UX design;
  6. secure (https) and flawless website;
  7. subsequent website design support and updates if needed.

So, with Webcapitan, you get not only UI/UX design, but your web design projects become prioritized in further support and assistance to keep it updated and attractive in constantly changing website design trends.

Why Are We the Best

At Webcapitan, we understand your doubt when deciding on a new company to start a new website project. Still, having decades-long experience of online cooperation with clients all over the world and an extensive website design portfolio with positive feedback, you become a member of Webcapitan team, which means:

  1. successful and mutually beneficial collaboration to find the best website design solutions;
  2. straight talks on the necessary and unnecessary elements of the website;
  3. avoidance of technical jargon or improper behavior;
  4. trustworthy communication throughout the entire website design realization process;
  5. follow-up support of the project as required.

This list is incomplete. Our experience over the years has shown that it is not uncommon for vendors to neglect their customers and stop interacting with them when receiving payment. Still, we are here to make a difference because we do what we love, and you don’t give up your loved ones.

When you choose Webcapitan web design team, you become a member of our website design family, which has been in the website design business for over 10 years. That’s quite a lot in this industry. Working full-time, valuing each of our clients, striving for perfection, and constantly improving our skills and knowledge, we are always available during business hours.

Some Examples of Our Work

At Webcapitan, you can find an extensive website design portfolio with different projects created for all-scale businesses and areas, from sports to gaming boosters and … Oops, they seem limitless. You can see part of our website design projects here.

How to Recognize Good and Bad Website Design

At Webcapitan, our designers often get some website design examples to say whether their design is good or bad, why some designers did it, and why it looks strange and incomprehensible. Let’s get this straight.

Every time it comes to website design evaluation, we understand that website design has only three goals:

  1. usability;
  2. identity;
  3. impression.

When solving the task of creating a website design, a good designer always thinks about what problem it should solve: we strive for identity, either we make some impression, we want to create an expensive product, or we want to create a daily product at an affordable price, we want to create a positive, reliable image, or we are interested in convenience and practicality, etc. We may prefer getting some combination of those mentioned above. All this is the basis of website design and, in many ways, determines its quality.

First, website design changes three parameters: identity (recognition, uniqueness, competitiveness, differentiation), impression and usability. When we focus on one of these parameters, we fail to preserve the others because it is impossible to create a good website design that is super recognizable, comfortable, and makes an incredible impression.

Good website design is different from the one you like, but the one that maximizes the only desired parameter, that is, solves the problem. This algorithm helps to evaluate the abstract world of design more objectively.

At Webcapitan, when asked how to recognize good and bad website design, we advise you to take four simple steps:

  1. to maintain objectivity;
  2. to identify the task which is solved by website design;
  3. to compare the finished design and the initial task;
  4. to answer whether website design is good or bad.

Good website design is an aesthetic, stylish, trendy product that focuses on convenience, recognition and creating a “productive” experience for the target audience. Its structural elements correlate and do not overload the general image of the website design project. Of course, creating a product that meets all three requirements is very difficult, so designers often focus on one aspect, which demeans others, leading to bad website design. At Webcapitan, we do not share such an approach but seek to create a holistic image that attracts attention with uniqueness, forming branding and visual identity.

Thus, at Webcapitan, we know that good website design is a well-considered correlation of usability, identity and impression to drive revenue and conversion rate.

Now, you know the Webcapitan web design services, the cost of a website design and why we are the best. In short, you should choose our web design team because:

  1. we are reliable website design service provider;
  2. we are professional website, graphic and app designers;
  3. we can design premium quality websites due to your needs and goals;
  4. our 800+ design projects are unique and stunning and web traffic generating that ensures branding and visual identity.

If you have any questions about Webcapitan web design services or would like us to calculate your project, please feel free to start a project or contact us.

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