Graphic design services are crucial in each business activity since every product or service needs eye-striking and catchy advertising to win the market. That’s what graphic design is meant to do, and that’s what Webcapitan’s graphic design agency offers to any business operating offline, online, or both.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is something without which our life is inconceivable, as it has surrounded us since birth. Graphic design services outcomes are everywhere; whenever we wake up, we open our eyes and look around. We see it on TV, on various pieces of furniture, food, etc. But why? This is due to the fact that graphic design is primarily designed to solve basic marketing tasks: make the objects visually appealing and advertise the services of various companies to attract the target audience. Graphic design is a key to branding and visual identity, which is why it marks different objects throughout our existence in one way or another.

When a company aims to increase its target audience, sell a product or service, strengthen its position in a specific niche, etc., it needs advertising products created with the help of graphic design and branding services. That is why it is essential to understand what graphic design is and what types exist.

Print & Digital Graphic Design Services

Before the advent of computers, graphic design was used on objects on the streets of any city (for example, billboards, advertising flyers, etc.) and in the homes of almost every inhabitant of the planet. But with the scientific and technical progress and the emergence of the Internet, the capabilities of graphic designers, including Webcapitan’s graphic design agency, have become impressive, constantly evolving and improving. As a result, print and digital graphic designs intersect and integrate into all possible industries, objects and devices. Now, you can hardly say what is more popular. Still, one thing is clear: print and digital graphic design is an inevitable component of our existence aimed at improving brand awareness promotion in the market and increasing the target audience’s reach both in real life and online.

Types of Graphic Design Offered by Webcapitan

There are various types of graphic design. At Webcapitan, you have an opportunity to enjoy the following types of graphic design for your branding and marketing purposes:

  1. Print Design: Print design means creating visual materials for physical printed needs. We offer:
    1. business cards design: a printed business card with your business details and logo is an extension of your branding and visual identity being a crucial attribute of brand design;
    2. flyers design: a printed flyer is a promotion material to inform your clients about your products or services, discounts, events, etc., thus introducing and attracting them to your company;
    3. posters design: a printed poster is also essential for your branding and visual identity since it depicts your brand logo, details and products or services offered.
  2. Digital Design: Digital design is the creation of visual materials for the digital environment, such as websites, social media and apps. We offer:
    1. website design: almost any business entity or individual doing business today needs a website to promote one’s products or services and increase conversion, that is why website design is one of our most popular graphic design and branding services;
    2. social media graphics: social media graphics is the creation of visual materials for various social media platforms to enhance content strategy and brand recognition;
    3. app design: app design is gaining much popularity among clients since more and more businesses develop applications requiring stunning and attractive app design to offer exquisite and easy-to-navigate experience.
  3. Branding Design: Branding design is a specific graphic design service to create a unique branding and visual identity for a company, product, or service. We offer:
    1. graphic design logo: logo design is a basic element of any company’s image, that is why we offer unique and remarkable brand logos to make your company recognizable and visually appealing;
    2. corporate identity design: this type of design is aimed at enhancing your brand awareness and recognition online and offline. Our branding design services can be used for physical and digital printed purposes.

Graphic Design Prices

The graphic design price is the cost of creating a graphic design project. Our graphic design prices depend on the following:

  1. the quality of graphic design;
  2. the complexity of the project;
  3. the scope of the work;
  4. marketing goals and specific requirements;
  5. time for graphic design realization.

To calculate the cost of graphic design, our graphic designers have to do the following:

  1. to analyze the market and your competitors;
  2. to know your preferences that are not necessarily from your niche;
  3. to know the target audience;
  4. to know what design is needed: print, digital or branding.

All in all, graphic design prices are always individually calculated since each of our projects is unique, and there are no similar works due to our client-centered approach. You can be sure that your print, digital or branding design will meet your requirements and appeal to the clients since we deeply study your needs.

Graphic Design Process Steps

Quality management requires a graphic design to be carefully processed. As with any graphic design and branding services, some steps must be followed. Our graphic designers act this way 👇:

  1. the definition of the graphic design brief, namely the project’s goals, the market, the target audience and your preferences;
  2. brainstorming and inspiration to produce creative ideas;
  3. graphic design sketching;
  4. graphic design creation;
  5. graphic design discussion to get your feedback;
  6. graphic design revision and refining;
  7. graphic design finalization and approval.

By working with our graphic design services company, you know each step our graphic designers take and can easily trace the entire graphic design process without missing any detail. Each graphic design process step is described and approved by the client to offer stunning graphic design services appealing to the target audience in your country and worldwide.

How Long Does it Take to Make Graphic Design?

Our graphic designers know that quality matters. We prioritize producing high-end and premium-quality graphic designs based on the client’s requirements. Of course, such work takes some time. Our clients often ask us about how long it takes to make graphic design. Well, bad graphic design can be created immediately, while really fascinating work requires much effort and time.

At Webcapitan, we are concerned about quick and highly qualitative graphic design production. However, its duration depends on the following:

  1. the quality of graphic design;
  2. the complexity of the project;
  3. the scope of the work;
  4. marketing goals and specific requirements;
  5. the study of the market, target audience and your competitors.

In any case, our managers are always ready to discuss the duration of the graphic design production based on your requirements without affecting the quality of the graphic design project.

Some Examples of Our Works

Our graphic design agency has created over 800+ graphic design projects. Even this website is one of our graphic designs. Who knows what else you have already seen today and haven’t even realized that our graphic design services company has developed it? In any case, you can familiarize yourself with our portfolio and the list of Webcapitan’s graphic design and branding services to confirm your choice. Check our graphic design here.

Why Do You Need Graphic Design by Webcapitan?

At Webcapitan, we know that good graphic design is a balance of captivating visualization, highlighted brand identity and impression to appeal to the target audience and create the desirable image of the company product or service.

Now, you know what graphic design is, graphic design prices and why you should choose us for graphic design services. In short, you should choose our agency for graphic design because 👇:

  1. we are a trustworthy graphic design and branding services provider;
  2. we employ only skilful and creative graphic designers;
  3. we offer print, digital and branding design of premium quality due to the individual needs and goals;
  4. our constantly increasing portfolio contains 800+ design projects that boost branding and visual identity and have already been circulating online and offline.

If you have any questions about Webcapitan’s graphic design and branding services or would like us to calculate your project, please feel free to start a project or contact us.


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